Designed to deliver a deep-dive into the topics that you value most.

Workshop A: Clinical Trial Billing Compliance 101

June 20, 2022 | 12:30-3:00PM CT

For those who are new to clinical trial billing and for others with more experience who would like a solid review of the fundamentals, this workshop will ensure you have the foundation of knowledge necessary to get the most out of the conference. Subjects will include:

  • What is a Medicare Coverage Analysis?
  • Process of completing the MCA (Drugs vs Devices)
  • Testing Knowledge of Routine Care vs Research - how do you determine, document or find the procedures that would be conducted while on a study
  • Comparing MCA to Informed Consent language & Contract language (Consistency Checks)
  • Research billing review process for patients on study
  • Internal monitoring/auditing process

Workshop B: Targeting Clinical Trial Billing Education to Boost Compliance

June 20, 2022 | 12:30-3:00PM ET


Training to improve clinical trial billing compliance is often overlooked or pieced together with dense information that is difficult to assimilate. Our team has developed short, focused training modules that can be assigned to different stakeholders in the organization based on their specific roles that touch on clinical trial billing. We have found that overwhelming everyone with the entire process does not improve compliance, but that focusing on the role the individual plays in the research billing process helps to increase understanding. Based on these insights, this workshop will offer effective training tools and strategies you can implement at your organization to improve clinical trial billing compliance, including:

  • Understanding the different learning needs of the individual team members related to research billing
  • Simplifying a complex and technical process into relevant information to apply to daily workflow
  • Developing the learning tools that will be most effective for your clinical trial billing team
  • Strategies for sharing knowledge with involved stakeholders throughout your organization

Workshop C: Coverage Analysis In-Depth Strategy Seminar

June 20, 2022 | 3:15-5:45PM ET


  • Effective approaches to developing compliant clinical trial billing grids that serve as effective road maps across organizations.
  • Identifying effective resources to inform coverage analysis decision-making.
  • Interpreting national and local Medicare coverage determinations effectively.
  • Effective and collaborative approaches for site-sponsor/CRO negotiations.
  • Mitigating and preparing for research claim denials, appeals, and/or audits.

Workshop D: Human Research Oversight - An Organizational Model for Ensuring Compliance and the Ethical Protection of Research Participants

June 20, 2022 | 3:15-4:45PM ET


  • Outline an institutional model for research compliance oversight and the protection of human research participants
  • Describe key compliance oversight considerations
  • Discuss major trends
  • Review best practices
  • Identify relevant laws, regulations, and ethical issues related to human subjects research